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Gabriel Walking on His First Birthday

Gabriel walks for the camera. He's been walking more and more every day, learning very quickly for the last three weeks. He took his first unassisted steps on the 25th of November and now he seems to be walking more than he is crawling. … [Read more]

First Steps

Gabriel, you took two and a half steps. You were methodical. You knew what you were doing. And then a few minutes later you took three more. Then a half an hour later you took 2 more. You are walking today, no assistance, and while it seems no big … [Read more]

The Keyboard

Gabriel used to pound on the keyboard while I was trying to work. The dest is low and he likes to stand up and watch me type. I would constantly move his hand away every time he did this, and try not to snap at him when he screwed up what I was … [Read more]

The Screaming Phase

Gabriel has entered the screaming phase. He just screams his head off almost all day sometimes. I loves the sound of it and he laughs at himself. It's so cute and we're not going to try and stop him but I do hope this pase ends quickly. Especially … [Read more]

He Peed in the Toilet

It's naked day. Thanks to Kristina's vigilance and wits, Gabriel peed in the potty for the first time today. We're thinking its cheaper to potty train him early than to keep buying bigger diapers. It's probably going to be a pretty wet couple of … [Read more]

A Letter to Gabriel

Gabriel, you have two teeth now. Both are you front bottom. You stand and are perfectly capable of standing without assistance but you rarely do. You love to play, mimic, laugh, yell, share, eat, and kiss. And you absolutely adore being kissed. You … [Read more]

First tooth

For the last three days Gabriel has been so needy. He has demanded tons of attention and a whole lot of patience, which i am sad to say I don't have enough of sometimes, but I am working on it. He would not let me work. If I sat at my computer he … [Read more]

My Toothbrush

Today my toothbrush became Gabriel's best friend. His Confidant. His security blanket. His toy, his scrubber, his cuddle buddy, his everything. He will not let go of it. He brushes his gums with it, and the floor, and, unfortunately, the dog and the … [Read more]

The Bear Crawl

I couldn't get it on video. Every time I tried he stopped of course. That's what baby's do. But he bear crawled today. Took 8 steps on his hands and feet. It was very cool and weird to watch. He is at the bathtub fussing that he doesn't get to … [Read more]

One Foot, One Knee Crawl

For a couple of days Gabriel was doing this one foot ready move while he crawled. It made it easier to stand or sit when ever he felt like it. … [Read more]