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First Steps

Gabriel, you took two and a half steps. You were methodical. You knew what you were doing. And then a few minutes later you took three more. Then a half an hour later you took 2 more. You are walking today, no assistance, and while it seems no big deal to you, we are so enthralled with your every step!

Right now we are living in a house temporarily, just outside of Portland. Kristina is looking for a job, and I am working hard on our home businesses which are making some money but have a ways to go before they are supporting us. We started in the shed outside, and stayed there for a couple of weeks, but it was pretty tough when it got colder and wetter. We moved inside as a man and his daughter were moving out. We have been here since the 15th of October and we are leaving in a  few days.

This place has figs, apples, grapes, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, kale, and more! We loved it hear, and we made good friends with Asha, though her son of just a couple of months older than you did not like you much. He hit you a lot, and he did not like you playing with his things or approaching his mommy. You were fine with that. You never seemed to care what he thought of you. And if he wanted a toy you gave it up and watched him or got a new one, even though you are stronger than him.

Gabriel with Alok behind him

In this video Gabriel is able to walk, but too excited. We took this on the same day he was taking his first steps. But the camera is just too exciting to focus on anything else.


Getting reved up, as always.


And here you are playing the recorder.

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