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Nana’s Report Post Birth

Okay. Here’s the lowdown on Gabriel, from his Nana.

First of all, he’s perfect and perfectly content–skin to skin with his mama. He is alert and curious. When I held him he looked me straight in the eyes with that slow blink and face filled with wonder.

He has the longest skinny feet I have ever seen on a newborn. Long fingers, too. Kristina and I think he will either be a great piano player or a champion swimmer–maybe both!

My official nickname for him (at the moment) is Pickle. That’s Kristina’s fault. She said she liked that name a few months ago. It’s perfect in my mind. Okay, so I am a bit strange…

Lily likes him, too. When he started to make noise, she tried to get him to sing with her–soft barks and howls. So she has already accepted him into the pack.

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