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Gabriel is standing up all the time now. He needs something to prop himself up and balance of course, but he loves standing so much he seems to be much less happy when he's not. until he wants to get down. He fusses because he is afraid he will hit … [Read more]

Standing Up

Here Gabriel stands up. We tried to get him to do his balancing on his own like he did yesterday but to no avail. He is so happy when we are both home. As soon as Kristina leaves he gets fussy. I am working very hard to make it so she doesn't … [Read more]

Words Gabriel Understands

He understands no, and any other word like it, like "nah" and "nope" and others. I try not to use no very much and never harshly. I don't want him to go through the "no"stage. At least not for too long. So I try not to give it too much power, … [Read more]

Trying to Stand and Balance on His Own (2.5 seconds today)

About a month ago Gabriel started using us, when we were laying in bed, to stand up hunched over, using our bodies to balance with his hands. A few days ago Gabriel started crawling right (as opposed to his comando crawl he mastered at about 4 … [Read more]

Gabriel Crawling (not just comando style)

Today all of the sudden Gabriel decided to crawl. He still does the comando style on the mattress, but on our tile floor he crawls with alternating hands and knees.   Here is a video of him crawling both ways.   … [Read more]

Kissing the Mirror

For the first time in about a month I gave Gabriel a hand mirror to play with. He keeps kissing it over and over again. It's hysterical. And he talks to it in the way that he does, the gah gah gah and the grrrs, and the blah blahs. … [Read more]

Commando Crawling

Gabriel spent a day crawling about a month ago. But he quickly decided that belly scooting was much more efficient. It's funny how babies do that. They discover something and then don't do it again for weeks or months june 24th   … [Read more]

So Many Thoughts…

I have so many thoughts looking at this picture with my new camera. So I will ramble a bit and just let it out. When I got arrested (when they claimed I had violated my probation), Kristina told her mom what was happening. She told her about my … [Read more]

Gabriel’s First Protest

Gabriel's first protest was the March Against Monsanto. His heart wasn't really in it as you can see, but the important thing is he showed up!   … [Read more]

How Gabriel Eats Watermelon at 5 Months

How does Gabriel eat watermelon? Like a boss!!! He sucks the life right out of it! … [Read more]