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Trying to Stand and Balance on His Own (2.5 seconds today)

About a month ago Gabriel started using us, when we were laying in bed, to stand up hunched over, using our bodies to balance with his hands.

A few days ago Gabriel started crawling right (as opposed to his comando crawl he mastered at about 4 months). That same day he crawled he pulled himself up into standing position by himself.

\He has for a month and a half loved it when we picked him up and put him against my chair to stand upright and hold on. But a few days ago he did it all by himself, and then again and again. He’s constantly doing it now. he loves standing upright. He is doing it over and over.

But today Gabriel just stoop up on his own for about 2.5 seconds. It too was funny. He was lifting himself up in standing position over and over holding onto me or furniture and I said to Kristina “He is soon going to be trying to stand and balance on his own.” Then he tried and succeeded for that brief moment. Having a kid is wishing you had a camera on just rolling indefinitely at all times.

He wants to walk so badly, I would not be surprised if he’s going to take his first wobbly step before he masters crawling. Right now he crawls slowly  But he so badly wants to stand and walk like us.

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