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Words Gabriel Understands

He understands no, and any other word like it, like “nah” and “nope” and others. I try not to use no very much and never harshly. I don’t want him to go through the “no”stage. At least not for too long. So I try not to give it too much power, emphasis, or demand. And I make sure to say yes and synonyms just as often.

He knows Mommy and every now and then says it (started saying it a month ago). He won’t say mommy in front of his mom but he says it to me when he is hungry and wants her.
He knows bottle. Is he is fussy I can say “You want a bottle” and if that is what he wants he will stop fussing and wait for me to get it. Hungry works too.

He knows come here and comes to me perfectly. Kristina is working on this.


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